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Summer Challenge

Can you practice this summer??

Calling out to all BYHA HOCKEY PLAYERS!

We challenge you to some competition over the summer.  For skaters, the goal is to get the 10,000 shots and for goalies, the goal is to complete 1,500 minutes of wall toss or juggling activities during the 3 months of the summer(June-Aug).

We recommend all players set their goals for 10,000+ shots for Skaters or 1,500+ minutes for Goalies! 

  -  Log your shots/minutes for the months of June, July, and August.
  -  Skaters, track the shot count for the following 4 types of shots and stickhandling:
        * Snap Shots.
        * Wrist Shots.
        * Backhand Shots.
        * Slap Shots.
        * Stickhandling (every 15 minutes counts as 50 shots)

-  See the videos below for each shot type.

- Goalies, track the minutes for the following practice:
        * Wall Juggling
        * Stick Handling / Shooting

        * Other goalie drills

-  See the video below for goalie drills.

  -  Parents enter shot/minute counts online as often as you like.
        * Shot/Minute count entries will automatically be posted below.
        * Entries are easily done from anywhere on a mobile device. 

  -  Make sure to get your monthly totals entered at month end.
        * Monthly entries will be closed 7 days after last day.
        * To be fair to all participants, all "Shot Date Ranges" must fall into a single calendar month AND be logged into the current month before log entry closure.
        * Logged shots that do not comply to these rules will only be considered for total shot ranking and T-Shirt Award.

  -  Each player that reaches the monthly milestones of 3,000 shots (skaters) or 500 minutes (goalies) will be entered into a monthly drawing for Lettermen’s Gift Cards.
        * Shots must be logged properly and timely to be counted for the award drawings. 

- Each player that reaches the summer goal of 10,000 shots (skaters) or 1,500 minutes (goalie) will be entered into a drawing for Lettermen’s Gift Card.

-  T-Shirts will be made for those who participate in each of the 3 months of the summer (log results in each month).

Minimum requirement to participate is a stick and a handful of pucks or a few tennis balls.

Recommend parents use the same SportsEngine profile that is used for all other sports registrations so all history is tracked in one location for each player. 

You can use the following worksheets to track the daily activities.  Please keep your tracker sheets. 

June Shot Entry

Open from June 1 thru July 7th.

July Shot Entry

Open from July 1 thru Aug 7th.

The Registration "Summer Challenge" is not currently available.

August Shot Entry

Open from Aug 1 thru Sept 7th.

The Registration "Summer Challenge" is not currently available.

Snap Shot

Wrist Shot

Backhand Shot

Slap Shot

Goalie Drills

2024 Total Shots by skaters

Total shots by each player.

2024 Total Minutes by Goalies

Total minutes  by each goalie.