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2024 Board Member Candidates

Board Member Election Process

1.  Review the Board Member Role Descriptions document to get a good understanding of the minimum responsibilities. 
2.  Find a BYHA Member in good standing to nominate you. 
3.  Fill out the Board Member Application with link below before midnight of Friday, April 12th, 2024. 
4.  Create a short video to introduce yourself and explain why you would like to be a BYHA Board Member.

* Once nominators and applicants have been verified to be in good standing (players, addresses, balances due, open issues), the candidate will be added to the ballot. 

**Elected Members will be expected to attend the first monthly Board Meeting and the closed operations meeting immediately after the Membership Meeting.  

Voting Members
Please review the questionnaire and video for each BYHA Board Member Candidate to help you decide which Candidate(s) you would like to cast your vote(s) for.  You will be allowed to cast up to 3 votes for the 3 open board seats.  Feel free to contact any board member with any questions you might have. 

Note that ALL of the following must be true to be eligible to vote; 
1.  You must be a Parent or Legal Guardian of a current or past player of BYHA.

2.  Your current legal residence/address must be within Blaine High School boundaries.
3.  You must be in good standing with BYHA. (no past due, no open issues)

Votes will collected through SportsEngine and you will need to be logged into your own personal profile.   The voting link opens at 12pm (noon) on Sunday, April 14th and will close at 6pm on Monday, April 15th, 2024. 

Once votes are validated and counted, the 3 elected winners will be announced during the Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 15th, 2024. 

Also review the Board Member Role Descriptions document so you are familiar of the tasks and candidate skill-sets that will help drive positive results. 

Annual Membership Meeting Info

Mark your calendars for the Annual Membership Meeting,

When:  Monday. April 15th, 2024 at 7 PM
Where:  National Sports Center - Grand Hall
Who:  All BYHA Members and Partners are welcome

See the BYHA home page for more details. 

BYHA Bylaw Approval

A vote byt the BYHA membership is needed to approve the BYHA Bylaws linked below.  We have been not able to find any previously approved Bylaws so we asked a local law firm (Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.) to create a Bylaws based on review of the articles of 2012 that in place, the current law for non-profits, and BYHA practices, policies and procedure to assure all is in good order and compliant.  

The current board has reviewed and approved the bylaws as written and now we need a majority vote by the membership to sign and adopt the Resolution and Bylaws below.  

Please review and cast your vote for the BYHA Bylaws.  If you do not approve as written, we ask for your reason(s) so we can consider them for a revision. 

Bylaw Highlights:
Voting Member definition has been expanded to include:
      -  Past players of BYHA who are over the age of 25 AND live in the Blaine HS Boundary.
      -  Coaches or Coordinators who has participated in a BYHA Program within the past or current fiscal year. 

Membership Voting Quorum requires a minimum of 50 good standing participants. 

Board member assigned to President role is only allowed a tie breaking vote.  (align to historical practice)

Meet the 2024 Candidates

Below you will find a short video and the BYHA Board Member Questionnaire for each candidate.