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BYHA COVID-19 Information

02/24/2021 UPDATE - MN Hockey Return to Play Phase 6:
Games were allowed to resume on January 14th, 2021.  Visit the state website and see the information listed below for more details.

- Games and Scrimmages resume on Jan 14th.
     * D10 will not be scheduling refs for scrimmages for the remainder of the season due to ref shortage. 

- 3 coaches are allowed on the benches for games. 

- 2 spectators per player max are allowed at games. 
     * Rink COVID capacity may reduce this further.

- Teams must use the SportsEngine app to track ALL who attends each Team event for COVID tracking.  This is the official BYHA COVID Contact Tracker. 
     * Make sure to use the SportsEngine Mobile App RSVP tool for every event and make sure it is accurate. 
     ** Use the RSVP Notes for naming attendees. 
     *** This data must be provided upon request by BYHA, D10, MN Hockey or MDH.  

- Only 2 minor official helpers allowed in the scoring and penalty box area. 
     * Preferably both helpers are from the same household.

- Locker room usage is not recommended. 
     * Minimize LR usage as much as possible. 
     ** Maximum of 7 people in a LR if usage is absolutely necessary. 

- Practices only from Jan 4th to Jan 13th.

- No Spectators for practices.
     * Mite/8U ages will be allowed 1 parent to help players get gear on.
     ** Parents can stick around if your player mentally or physically may need assistance.

- 2 separate pods of 25 max are allowed on the rink.

- Face mask covering nose and mouth are required 100% of the time for everyone, EXCEPT ages 5 and under.

- Players must not be dropped off or approach the rink entrance no earlier than 10 minutes before session start. 
     * Doors may be locked and people cannot gather there. 
     ** Follow entrance routes as defined by rink staff. 
     *** Goalies are allowed in 15 minutes early for all sessions. 

- Players must exit rink no later than 10 minutes past session end.
     * Follow exit routes as defined by rink staff. 

- Players must come fully dressed except skates and helmets.  Goalies must be 1/2 dressed. 

- No bags are allowed in the rink (except goalies).

- Absolutely no congregating in or outside of the rink.

- Previously scheduled tournaments can resume on Jan 14th.  New tournament bookings will not be allowed. 

- Review the MN Sports Guidance and MN Hockey Return to Play Phase 5 to fully understand all rules.

- If any of these rules are found to be unacceptable, please contact BYHA to discuss cancellation and COVID refund opportunities. 


Familiarize yourself with all the latest COVID plans that we all need to follow to keep our players on the ice and the rinks open through the end of this season.  

- Review the current version of BYHA COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and the MN Hockey Return to Play.