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Here a list of COVID related questions that have come up. 

1.  What happens if a family is not comfortable coming back having their child play with a mask on at all times?  In the past if families were not comfortable coming back due to covid refunds would be issued, would this be the case here as well?

Yes, if a family is not comfortable following any of these mandatory rules, they can contact the board and discuss suspension or cancelation options with them which will include a prorated refund consideration.  So far, we have not had any requests so the BYHA Board would need to discuss these specifics in greater detail upon that first request. 


2.  Are there new liability issues with masks?  Who is responsible if a skater has issues/health problems now that they have to wear masks, mouth guards, etc.?  Is it BYHA, MN Hockey or the coaches?

At this time, we are not aware of any additional liability or risks with wearing a mask while playing hockey.  There has been many experts involved that have stated that this type of mask wearing does not add any risk for the players and we do not have any evidence to challenge that at this time.

During this Phase 4 timeframe, MN Hockey has made it clear that this mask requirement is no different than any other necessary piece of protective equipment like a helmet.

We also got clarification from USA Hockey that ALL claims related to a sanctioned hockey event is covered by their insurance policy including anything related to mask wearing.  These new rules do not change that. 
3.  How are the skaters supposed to wear a mask and a tethered mouth guard? 

Being masks and mouthguards are both required equipment that we have no discretion over, we would suggest using a Non-tethered mouth guard or get creative with a longer tether that accommodates a COVID mask. 


4.  What are the penalties and who will be enforcing these new mask policies?

During Phase 4 practices, we expect our coaches, team staff, team families, BYHA Board and BYHA Coordinators to all help each other to ensure that everyone is fully aware and are following these rules.   Our ability to play hockey is highly depending on it!

The rink operators will also be enforcing these rules which will most likely start with a warning, and then can lead to suspension or expulsion from the arena facility.  Expect them to have very little tolerance or forgiveness on this topic.  We hope it never gets to that point but that is up to each team and our BYHA families in the end. 

MN Hockey and District 10 is also working on their accountability measures which we have not seen yet.