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Family Fundraising

BYHA offers family fundraising as a great way to generate excitement about your player in the community and with family & friends.  For each sale made, dollars are earned towards paying your hockey fees.

Ordering is NOW OPEN for the 2023-24 Fundraisers!

Download fundraising forms from this page or grab paper copies at Fogerty!


  • Product buyers pay (including checks) to YOU, the seller
  • YOU, the seller, will write ONE CHECK to: BYHA for each fundraiser your participate in.
  • Players name & contact information must be clearly marked on order forms

This year we will be running three fundraisers throughout the season. These include:
Mickman Brothers Holiday Wreaths

  • $10 profit for each wreath sold!
  • Orders due November 1

Shelton Foods (Pizza & Treats)

  • $4-$7 profit for each item sold!
  • Orders due December 1

Kwik Trip Car Wash Cards

  • Please pre-sell each card for $36!
  • $16 profit for each card sold!
  • First orders due: November 1
  • Second orders due: December 1


  • We will not accept orders past the closing date this year, so please make sure you get them in on time!
  • Please do not turn order forms in without a check!
  • Email completed forms to: 
  • Paper forms and payment by check can be turned into the BYHA Fundraising Mailbox located in the Fogerty Arena lobby across from elevator (Players name & contact information must be clearly marked on order forms)
  • Sellers Payment due to BYHA can be made with Credit or Debit card but a 3.5% processing fee will apply (contact
  • After I get orders submitted, I will send a follow up to each participating family with their final credit amount. (*New this year!)


  • TBD - Details will be posted soon!
  • Fogerty Arena (more details to follow)
  • Sellers are responsible for picking orders up during this time, product cannot be stored.

Any questions, please reach out! Happy fundraising! 

Team Fundraising

Below is a list of ideas that will support your team with additional season fees such as tournament registration, travel and accommodations, team celebrations, etc. These activities are team-led and at the discretion of your team Manager and Coach. Keep in mind these are not necessarily BYHA affiliated, however I am happy to help answer questions or help brainstorm as time permits, so feel free to reach out anyways and I will try to help!

Daily Dollars

Here how it works: You will ask family and friends to donate/sponsor a calendar day. They will donate the dollar amount represented by the date. EXAMPLE:  Sponsor January 22 and donate $22.  Sponsor February 10th and 25th and donate $35. It is that easy!  Fill every spot on your calendar and you should raise $465!!

Attached is a calendar and log that you can use for any month. If you would like to request any customized edits made to either of these, please reach out to Cami, Fundraising Coordinator.


Contact our Fundraising Coordinator;

Cami Mertz

Fundraising Coordinator

Phone: (952) 564-1775