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BYHA Ice For Sale

Want some ice?

Email to request any ice we have available. 

Include the following information with your email request;

  • Your name 
  • Your phone number in case we have questions
  • Team Name
  • Date/Time/Location for request
  • Purpose for this ice (Scrim, Practice, Training, etc.)

Ice will be awarded on a First Come > First Served basis and priority will be give to teams that do not have ice already scheduled for that day or has used the least amount of IFS. 

Please note that this ice is NOT to be used to trade for more convenient or desirable practice hours for your team.   We need all teams to respect their assigned hours first and then add to them if your team is interested in fully utilizing all assigned and requested ice.   

At $235-$240 per hour, no ice hour should go unused!
Please help us achieve that goal!

Click the following link to subscribe to this calendar so you have easy access to this ice as it comes available. 



Other general ice inquiries can be sent to our ice management team at;