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Tryouts and Initiation Skates

Winter Traveling Tryouts

PLEASE NOTE that all BYHA Account Balances must be current to attend tryouts. 

Contact the Treasurer to discuss any open balances you may have:

Remind your player to:

  1.  Work hard and have FUN!
  2.  Do their best, every single time they step on the ice.
  3.  Be kind to each other, as well as the volunteers that work hard to make this program fair and successful.


We are consistently evaluating the quality of our programs to ensure all our participants have a great experience. 

Tryouts will remain closed to all Parents and the public.  
The only individuals allowed in the rink during any session of tryouts include:  Evaluators, announced Head Coaches, Board Members, Coordinators, arena staff and volunteers working locker rooms or bench.

*If assistance is needed for tying skates, players and parents can meet in the lower level dressing area between rinks; parents will be expected to leave immediately when finished.

Only BYHA-sanctioned socks & logos allowed.  
All other hockey program branding and player names must be removed from equipment prior to tryouts.  This includes; names on helmets, all stickers other than BYHA, socks from “select” teams, etc.  All players must wear BYHA-colored socks (navy, light blue, white).  Matching plain white or blue socks can also be worn.  If you do not have sock of these colors, check with the check in desk to see if a pair is available.  Please return all sock borrowed. 

Tryout jerseys will be issued to players when checking in at the first session and must be returned at the last session in the same condition.  These jerseys are reversible and must be worn for each tryout session to get scores properly recorded.  Be sure all players take this jersey home after each session.  This jersey number is our only means to track and score your player throughout all of tryouts.

Attendance is mandatory. Players must arrive on time and be on the ice for all assigned tryout sessions, unless previously excused by the appropriate Traveling Director.  Any unexcused absences will impact a player’s overall evaluation and team placement.  We ask that all players arrive early enough to be dressed and ready 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session time to go over instructions for that session.  Ice time is extremely valuable and we want all instruction to be clearly understood by all players before session start. 


Pre-Skates:  BYHA offers ice sessions before Tryouts begin to allow all players to get some ice time to help assure they are prepared and ready for the start of Tryouts.   All players must be registered and are required to attend the assigned session so we can plan and manage the group sizes.  Attendance is optional but recommended. 

Day 1:  All players will be randomly assigned to a tryout session to ensure initial groups are balanced with forwards, defense and goalie positions.

All following days:  Based on scores from previous days, players will be assigned to the next session/group.  There is not a defined number of players per session, the goal is to get like skilled players on the ice at the same time, allowing players to better showcase their skill, and for Evaluators to score more consistently.  

*Daily Session assignments will be posted to the BYHA website.  It is your responsibility to monitor the website or the SportsEngine app and understand which session to attend. 

DO NOT subscribe to any of the online BYHA Tryout session calendars!  Player session assignments will change daily and these subscription addresses/calendar feeds will provide incorrect calendar information for your player.  The SportsEngine app will always have the updated session assignments and reflect all changes as they occur. 


Tryouts will consist of skills, small area games, cross ice scrimmages and/or full ice scrimmages. 

During each tryout session, a panel of independent evaluators will score each player on a preset scale, following a common scoring structure.  Evaluators are chosen for their hockey knowledge and are trained to consistently assess the participants.  Evaluators do not have a player participating in any groups they are evaluating.  To assure consistent scoring from session to session, same group of evaluators will be used for any given level.

Head Coaches will NOT have any impact on scoring.  Their ability to view all sessions allows them more time to observe all players and assist in their own decision-making process while finalizing their assigned team.  Final team selection is done by player scoring, with the Head Coach being allowed to make a few final selections of their choice.

Players will be evaluated on a balance of strengths across the following areas:

  • Skills – skating, passing, shooting, stick-handling
  • Hockey sense, compete level, positioning, awareness
  • Positive contribution to team play

Goalies will be evaluated on:

  • Results: Ability to keep the puck out of the net
  • Puck stops, controlled rebounds, puck hand-offs, puck play
  • Movement, skating, quickness, positioning
  • Compete level
  • Awareness, puck tracking, rebound control, recovery after the save
  • Attitude and ability to regain composure

NOTE:  Players are evaluated for negative contributions to play as well.  Inappropriate conduct or penalty situations will result in a decrease of scores.  This includes, but is not limited to: penalties, foul language, unsportsmanlike behavior and play intended to injure.

Scores will be assessed from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) from each evaluator on the above listed criteria.  Scores are recorded and used for subsequent session assignment and overall final team selection.  Each player has an opportunity to move up/down between groups based on each previous tryout session.

Make sure your player knows that every drill, every shift, and every session matters to final team placements.  Ability to pay attention, listen and follow instruction can also impact their scores. 


The tryout process is intended to place players on teams where they will have success and also be challenged.  We recognize that there can be disappointments about the team a player is ultimately placed on.  Understand that all team decisions are final, and no changes will be made once teams are posted.  BYHA has a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for questions after teams are posted; please be aware and respect this time-frame before sending any inquiries about your player, or comments/suggestions about the tryout process. 

After 24 hours, feel free to contact the BYHA President at: